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Perpetual Learning Institute (PLI) offers Continuing Education in multiple facets, in multiple venues, to multiple professional disciplines. We cater to Professionals who are mandated to complete a specified number of annual continuing educational hours to maintain licensure or certification. (PLI) offers educational opportunities, driven by those we serve, at a more affordable pricing. We bring professional instruction into our State, choose a centralized venue and then orchestrate the training, start to finish. By cost sharing the yield is quality instruction at much lower costs.

Save Time & Money

Our affordable local programs are designed to keep you closer to home, minimizing lodging and meal costs ultimately maximizing your training dollars. Basically, our goal is to give you the biggest “bang for your buck”.

Knowledge & Experience

Our instructors that we hand select are dedicated to your personal and professional development. Our commitment is to focus on programs that are designed to accelerate performance and unlock a student’s full potential.

Local Solution

Training is provided at key local locations and dates for convenience and flexibility to match your schedule.

In Person Training

Our face-to-face education programs offer the benefit of hands-on learning and peer-to-peer networking.

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Join our community of professionals who provide opportunities to pass on knowledge and skills and influence the next generation of professionals.

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