Why Train With Us?


PLI will work toward providing the absolute best training that our Nation has to offer. There are many capable instructors available in this Country offer cutting edge trainings on any preferred topic.


When Officers are sent out of State to get the training, costs on average can run between $1,500 to $2,000 per week. Depending on the class, costs for a PLI course will average between $250.00 to $450.00 per seat in the class. Agency administrators can hold costs down by picking a class and location close to home, so the student can commute daily.


PLI will determine where a centralized location is to keep people as close to home as possible holding down costs. We will cover expenses to host the school including facility use and refreshments during the school. We will then fill the class with students from across the State. PLI will have a presence at each location, monitoring and taking care of both the students and Instruction staff.


PLI will first gauge interest. Reach out to preferred expert Instructors seeking to contract with them to bring them to Nebraska.


Upon completion of the class we will make certain all students a receiving certificate to document successful completion of the offered topic.

About Our Founder & CEO


Retired Sheriff Jerry Watson is the Chief Executive Officer for P.L.I.  Jerry committed 30 years of his life serving our community as a law enforcement officer.  Ten years with the Grand Island Police Department as a Street Officer, Investigator and Sergeant. He ran for Sheriff and was elected to Office in 1999.  He severed 20 years as Hall County Sheriff before he retired in January of 2019. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy in 2002, a member of the 208th Session.  He is also an instructor in Blue Courage, Media Relations, and Fiscal Resources.  He enjoys teaching and interacting with people.

Before Jerry retired, he had been orchestrating and providing these instructional services pro bono to the numerous agencies that belong to the SCALES (South Central Area Law Enforcement Services) group in central Nebraska for the past 10 years.   While serving as Chair he took on the task working with the Instructors and L.E. agencies, filling and hosting classes at different locations.

His goal is continuing the service, only expanding it Statewide to service all areas of the State.  Watson states the following: “Our Training Center has its hands full and with the limited resources and staff they are appropriated each year.  Their focus is on basic training new students, with three classes required every year just to keep up with turnover.  I want to work in tandem with the NLETC to help the other 4,500 certified officers satisfy their 20-hour annual requirement to keep our profession cutting edge.”

Mission Statement


Our goal at The Perpetual Learning Institute (PLI) is to offer Continuing Education in multiple facets, in multiple venues, to multiple professional disciplines across our State of Nebraska at an affordable cost to organizations and to satisfy the required CEU Standards.

Our goal is to provide superior educational opportunities, thus enhancing and enlightening professionals motivating them to offer optimal services to the communities we serve.  We hope to entice cutting edge instructors to our State, to provide first class educational experiences for all professionals across the State and Region at affordable prices.

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